Aoujgal Attics – Berber Heritage

Aoujgal Attics are located in an area that is only 5 km away from Butfarda, in a location that cannot be reached without the assistance of a guide or a member of the tribe. It is located in an impenetrable cliff on the edge of Faj Wadi Atash.

Aoujgal Attics

The site is divided into two parts:

  • Aoujgal Ajkal means high Attics
  • Aoujgal Amazdar means sloped Attics.

The warehouses can be accessed via a corridor – a hollow in the cliff – up to three or four meters wide by a staircase built with stones interspersed with wood to prevent it from slipping, the width of each stair is estimated at about one meter.

And the height of the cliff is about 60 meters, and this site includes small dwellings and stores.

Houses in Aoujgal Attics are characterized by their doors and windows, and the effects of cooking smoke on their walls. As for the stores, they are squares with two holes, one at the top and it plays the role of ventilation and the second in the middle and it is mostly used to insert and extract the grains. It is permanently exposed to cold airflow not saturated with moisture, which makes it a natural air conditioning for grains and stored materials.

Aoujgal Attics

A sufficient study of Aoujgal Attics, and a review of the roles that it played in the history of the Ait Abdi tribes for centuries, will inevitably shine the spotlight on some of the rules of economic, social and military organization of a typical Berber tribe that tried to exploit the natural capabilities available to build an impenetrable architectural pyramid, despite the Although these stores have ceased to function, they are still witnessing to the Berber genius in architecture and planning.

Due to the uniqueness of the architecture method for this site, the mythical and legendary dimension has given these stores an aura of mystery and mystery. According to the Ministry of Culture delegate’s report, the people held that the warehouses were guarded and that only the storekeeper had the secret to communicating with them. And these stores are in the protection of Ait Ojcal, that is, spirits … In this regard, (Charles Dufoco) said when visiting the site:

“It caught my eye deep and loud, but almost all of it is difficult to reach, so the most unusual myths are running around.” All these things made some tribes rush to visit the Attics, blessing them and bringing them closer to the jinn who guards them. This explains why these stores maintain most of their basic features and main components.